Monday, May 19, 2008

Colorado Stage and Town Council

As this event becomes a reality, we have been working closely with all the local town councils to ensure we deliver the best possible product for each community, as well as the spectators and teams. Throughout the ongoing planning process we've met countless times with the town councils in Vail and Leadville, amongst several others. Each town is unique... as are their respective councils.

One of the latest developments on the Town Council front involves another local Vail Valley event, the Vail Farmers' Market. Both the race and the market are scheduled for the same day and time (Sunday, August 24). In the end it was decided that holding both events at the same time would only add to the excitement. By sharing public space, we will be increasing the animation and experience for both audiences.

So, in short... make sure to check out to the Colorado Stage on Sunday, August 24. Not only will you be able to see the final stage of the race and the crowing of the inaugural Colorado Stage champion... but you can do it all while shopping for great artwork and fresh produce at the very same time! The Vail Farmers' Market is a hallmark community event, and when paired with the excitement of the bike race, promises to make for a memorable day in the Vail Valley for the entire family!

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